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We are member of:
   Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce     Golden Retriever Club of England


    Klub Retrievera w Polsce
We look forward to storks :-)




                                    …I came across them at a show in 1998.

                                   and since that time they have always been a synonym,
                                   a quint – essence of a dog for me.

                       Thinking about dogs – I see THEM...


                                                                                   …GOLDEN RETRIEVERS



I am still learning so much about my dogs…

I live in the suburbs of Wrocław, where you can still find pheasants, partridges, and roe–deer among the fields and forests.

My kennel is small. Without cages.The dogs live WITH, not near us.They are part of our family. We respect and love them.

Shows are just a tiny piece of our life, a way of spending our spare time, a game and fair sportmanship.

Being a vet, I am no stranger to anything that concerns dogs :-)


Magdalena Chmielewska